Thursday, July 1, 2010

Teeth Fixed + Yummy Sweets!

I'm so happy yesterday I got my teeth all fixed and now i can eat sweets again just not candy for a few weeks XD So to celebrate we got waffles & doughnuts they were soooo yummmy since they were so yummy I gobbled up the waffles before I could take any photo's, but I did get photo's of the doughnuts and also some handmade chocolate covered marshmallows!
We made these since we have so much chocolate in the house. they actually turned out really good they almost taste like those yummy chocolate covered marshmallow eggs for easter. Those are the best candies on easter!

They were so good my brother could hardly stop himself from engulfing the whole thing! lol yes i confiscated it for blogging purposes XD The chocolate tasted really good & my brother thought glazed was really good too!

Now I've just updated my smackjeeves account and I'm making my manga Fukachi Shima. I've finished the header and banner now I'm working on the cover and maybe I'll customize the format a little. I already added my own background, I absolutely love checkers! When I'm done with the cover then I'm gonna do some sketching of what i want the first page to look like, I already have an idea of what the manga is about and how the story goes. The paneling is the hardest part in my opinion though XD

Till' next time, Sayonara!~

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