Saturday, July 31, 2010

Awesome candy loot!

Okay for the past 2 years I've been going to Tim's market for all my Asian goods and they were great but lately they have been....AWESOME! XD They have tonsss and I mean tons of new ramune flavors! They have Hawaiian blue, blueberry, mango, yuzu, orange, original, lychee and tons more! Visit their yelp page for directions. If you live in San Antonio and have not gone to this shop then you must go now, for your life will change epically! XD
I was so lucky too! I was walking inside like usually towards the frozen section when i spotted this awesome RAIDEN HAT!!!!! Okay if you don't know Raiden from Mortal Kombat I can no longer be friends with you lol just kidding XD I've wanted one of these ever since I was ten so $2.99 for an awesome hat was a great price! I bought it in an instant well of course after the permission of my parents lol 
Awesome right? Nuff' said lol XD
Then I bought some ramune drinks which are awesome!
Then I got for $2.59 Hello kitty's 36 anniversary candy! Which came with an awesome sticker!
Okay remember how I said I would do a post on Ooples lol well I kinda forgot, so this is just a filler until I go there and take some awesome pics! XD

Till then, sayonara!~ XD

Monday, July 26, 2010

Hello kitty waffle maker HERE!? :D

Yes after much anticipation my hello kitty waffle maker is finally here in my own home! XD I got it a few days ago but thanks to my camera messing up I wasn't able to get photo's until today, that camera really is on it's death bed TT^TT
Here are two cute ones I made on my fourth try all the waffles before then were so bad I couldn't bring my self to take pictures of lol XD
The photo came out really funky lol XD here is a top view of what they look like!
 I used hungry jack as the batter but it made it more like a pancake than a waffle so i'm gonna try a different batter XD
I bought this sweet butter flavored spray, haven't used it yet but hopefully it works well XD I got it at wally for $1.49
Here is how the waffle maker looks like on the front it's really cool! On the side there is an on/off switch and on her bow there is an indicator light which tells you when it's done preheating. I hear it make a little *click* every time, makes me so excited to make waffles!
Here is a pic of what it looks like open one side is a griddle pattern the other side hello kitty's head and her friends too!
Here is a close up of the faces! They are really cute XD My favorite would have to be hello kitty and the bear, i have no idea what is his name though lol!

When I was wandering the mall I stopped by a gameSPOT lol and saw this cute little gift card case! It's made of tin and it's really cute! CyrusPI told me it was $0.99 probably because it was an older system and the other tins were $2.99 since they were newer.
I thought it was so cute so i bought it just for myself mwahhahahahaha!!!!! lol *cough* like it's rly good in details they have like almost everything on it!

Well this post was packed full of pictures due to the fact it's been like forever since i made a post! XD Next I plan to blog about the shop Ooples which has opened it's store in the Wonderlands of America Mall!

Til' next time, sayonara!~

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Wallet HERE!!!!!!! XD

OMG! I'm so excited! My wallet arrived super early!!!!!! It came one week earlier than I expected XD I took tons of photos so you guys can see it!

Awesome right!? I'll bring it with me everywhere! XD Now I'm waiting for my jewelry supplies to make cute mana bottle necklaces! I'm also gonna order the hello kitty waffle maker and i will have a waffle everyday for 1 whole YEAR! That's right!

Till next time, sayonara!~ XD

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Candy Craze

Well I just wanted to make a post that I just bought six bags of spongebob squarepants candy they are just that goooooooood! XD I even made a video of me opening it! Awesome right? XD I also took some pictures just in case the video wasn't any good XD
Here is a picture of the back and a patty in it's wonderful packing! XD I took some pics of it without the wrapper but it was out of focus so I deleted them XD
Oh and when we were driving back home from the post office that song about a guy wanting to be a billionaire so freaking bad played exactly when we were on Richland Hills, coincidence I THINK NOT! lol

Now I have to get to work on an other dress up game, sayonara!~

Monday, July 5, 2010

Manga Progress + Wallet purchase

Yay!!! Well I'm super excited but first I want to say sorry for not blogging for 3 days due to the fact I was at work buuuuuuut after I got home and slept for over 12 hours I finished the manga cover to my new manga Fukachi Shima. Awesome right? Well I think it's super awesome! 
But now to the great news, I was feeling like a new wallet so I can bring money with me when I go out. After a few clicks on ebay I won a bid on a cute miku wallet! It should be shipped in two days and I should revive it within thirteen to seventeen days! Seems like a long time but I'm super busy with my manga and a few prizes + art trades the time should go by in no time XD

When I do get it I'll take so many pictures it won't be able to fit on the blog! I'll also make a video of me unwrapping it XD

It's warm here so I'm gonna go eat some juicy watermelon! mmmmmmmm...

Till next time, sayonara!~

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Teeth Fixed + Yummy Sweets!

I'm so happy yesterday I got my teeth all fixed and now i can eat sweets again just not candy for a few weeks XD So to celebrate we got waffles & doughnuts they were soooo yummmy since they were so yummy I gobbled up the waffles before I could take any photo's, but I did get photo's of the doughnuts and also some handmade chocolate covered marshmallows!
We made these since we have so much chocolate in the house. they actually turned out really good they almost taste like those yummy chocolate covered marshmallow eggs for easter. Those are the best candies on easter!

They were so good my brother could hardly stop himself from engulfing the whole thing! lol yes i confiscated it for blogging purposes XD The chocolate tasted really good & my brother thought glazed was really good too!

Now I've just updated my smackjeeves account and I'm making my manga Fukachi Shima. I've finished the header and banner now I'm working on the cover and maybe I'll customize the format a little. I already added my own background, I absolutely love checkers! When I'm done with the cover then I'm gonna do some sketching of what i want the first page to look like, I already have an idea of what the manga is about and how the story goes. The paneling is the hardest part in my opinion though XD

Till' next time, Sayonara!~