Monday, July 26, 2010

Hello kitty waffle maker HERE!? :D

Yes after much anticipation my hello kitty waffle maker is finally here in my own home! XD I got it a few days ago but thanks to my camera messing up I wasn't able to get photo's until today, that camera really is on it's death bed TT^TT
Here are two cute ones I made on my fourth try all the waffles before then were so bad I couldn't bring my self to take pictures of lol XD
The photo came out really funky lol XD here is a top view of what they look like!
 I used hungry jack as the batter but it made it more like a pancake than a waffle so i'm gonna try a different batter XD
I bought this sweet butter flavored spray, haven't used it yet but hopefully it works well XD I got it at wally for $1.49
Here is how the waffle maker looks like on the front it's really cool! On the side there is an on/off switch and on her bow there is an indicator light which tells you when it's done preheating. I hear it make a little *click* every time, makes me so excited to make waffles!
Here is a pic of what it looks like open one side is a griddle pattern the other side hello kitty's head and her friends too!
Here is a close up of the faces! They are really cute XD My favorite would have to be hello kitty and the bear, i have no idea what is his name though lol!

When I was wandering the mall I stopped by a gameSPOT lol and saw this cute little gift card case! It's made of tin and it's really cute! CyrusPI told me it was $0.99 probably because it was an older system and the other tins were $2.99 since they were newer.
I thought it was so cute so i bought it just for myself mwahhahahahaha!!!!! lol *cough* like it's rly good in details they have like almost everything on it!

Well this post was packed full of pictures due to the fact it's been like forever since i made a post! XD Next I plan to blog about the shop Ooples which has opened it's store in the Wonderlands of America Mall!

Til' next time, sayonara!~

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