Monday, September 27, 2010

Long time no blog!

OMG! Super sorry about not blogging for awhile I've been crazy busy for the past weeks. First is was my lil bro's b-day and then my job and so much more happened.

But enough of the craziness back to blogging, I've decided I will once again go as Dracula since I already have the costume ready XD I'm a little bored of it since I've gone as Dracula so many times in my life but I do enjoy wearing his awesome cape so yeah XD

I also want to update you on my newest dress up game! I like how it turned out, kinda upset that I took so long, but what am I going to do XD

Well I'll keep short for now, sayonara!~ XD

Friday, September 10, 2010

Choco Cookie Craze

OMG! It's been like a 2 weeks since I was supposed to post this but due to procrastination it's here now! lol Awhile ago we went on a trip to Austin and we found this awesome supermarket called, MT Supermarket. You can check out their yelp page here. So we went in and it was awesome! It's been like forever since we went to a place like this they had a small produce section, a large frozen section, a small live seafood section (which was so cool!) a meat section, kitchen ware and most of all junk food!!!! They had a lot of things which is why we were in there for more than 2 hours!!! I forgot to bring my camera so i took pictures with our cell phone, unfortunately i don't have the usb thingy to hook it up to my laptop and download the pics OMG RIGHT!? But I made sure to get pictures of the things i bought when i got back XD

I got a good amount of junk food so I'm gonna separate them into two posts YAY!

First we will start with the chocky sticks:

Short review: When you bite it, it's crisp and and chocolate is somewhat soft. I think it needed a tad more chocolate coating, but it was a great snack. The stick is about 9 inches which makes it a filling snack before or after dinner.
The picture makes the chocky seem huge but it is slightly disappointing when you see the actual product.

Taste: It was okay nothing special, needed more chocolate

Brand: Biscuit House?

Made in: Thailand

Price: 3.09

Rating: Worth the price to try it!

Now lets move on to the Every Burger:

Short Review: It was really cute they made the buns out of cookies and the patty and cheese out of milk and white chocolate. They even added some sesame seeds to the top of the cookie with a glaze that made the bun look toasted. I think it had good cookie to chocolate ratio and it made a good snack.

Taste: The cookie was good and so was the chocolate but if you bit one of the seeds on top it was sort of bitter but overall very tasty.

Brand: Bourbon

Made in: Japan

Price: 2.39

Rating: Kinda pricey but worth a buy at least once.

On to the next one which i have no idea what it's name is due to the writing not being in English lol

Short Review: I'm going to call it choco logs since it makes sense XD Unfortunately for me when i got back from the trip it was so warm half of the chocolate melted and the detail was sorta ruined. The cookie tasted rather odd but i had no idea what kind of cookie it was and the chocolate seemed like semi-sweet but it was still yummy.

Taste: Cookie was odd and chocolate wasn't very sweet. Okay but not all that great.

Brand: Bourbon

Made in: Japan

Price: 2.49

Rating: Okay if you like chocolate buy it, if not i wouldn't really recommend.

Lets move on to the Kancho:

Short Review: Cutely packaged and easy to open. After you open it though you must eat it, otherwise it gets stale and somewhat soggy after a day or two. The cookies have a few faces on them but most are heart text bubbles or items so you can play with the head and have it next to a spatula or a hat.

Taste: The cookie was okay and the chocolate was sweet and filled the cookie well.

Brand: Lotte

Made in: Seoul Rep. of Korea

Price: 0.59

Rating: Buy it! It's only 59 cents!

Now Hello panda!

Short Review: They come in the cutest boxes and they are just awesome! Meiji makes really good things so you really can't go wrong if you buy something from them. The cookie was really cute and the imprints are pretty clear. They stay fresh for a pretty good while, i opened the box and left some for a few days and the were still crisp and tasty, which was really amazing!

Taste: Good cookie and good chocolate, just wish they filled up the cookie more.

Brand: Meiji

Made in: Forgot sorry ^^;
Price: 0.89

Rating: Great taste for great price in short, buy it!

Choco Yan Yan!!!!

Short Review: THE BEST EVER!!! You cannot not have had this yummy treat, if you haven't buy it right away! It's the best chocolate treat I've ever had! Cheap and tasty just like i like it! The cookie has cute sayings on them like a frog picture saying ribbit ribbit. It comes with just enough chocolate with cookie.

Taste: The cookies are so yummy and the chocolate even better!

Brand: Meiji

Made in: ...i forgot again sorry ^^;

Price: 0.79

Rating: Go buy it hurry! They won't let you down! :D

And finally the hello kitty stick candy:

Short Review: Cute packaging but it was the worst kind of chocolate candy I've ever had. The chocolate was horrible and the strawberry chocolate didn't even smell like strawberries it had a not very good odor. The cookies were oily and the only good thing about the snack which isn't saying much. I bought it cause I love hello kitty but this wasn't the best choice to buy.

Taste: Horrible fake taste and strawberry chocolate wreaked of bad odor.

Brand: ...sadly I threw away the snack and forgot to record that ^^;

Made in: ...sorry again no records

Price: 0.89

Rating: I don't recommend it at all.

And That concludes my review of the choco cookie sweets!~
Till' next time, sayonara!~

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Skittles New Fizzl'd Fruits

I saw the commercials of the skittles new Fizzl'd Fruits candy on youtube and couldn't resist buying it in the store when I saw it. If you haven't seen the commercial then you have to see it now!

lol come on hit me again tube sock! XD

So I saw this in the store for $2.58 and I thought why not try it out. I mean I've tried other skittles candy and I really liked them XD I got home and opened the bag and started first I was like EWWW! W-What the heck!? It was really fizzy, no kidding. After a few moments I was like, hmmm I think I wanna eat more lol. So I grab some more and after 1/4 of the bag is gone I'm thinking this really isn't very tasty. So I put it in the fridge and went to bed. Next morning I feel like some more, so I got some more and popped them into my mouth, I was like wow this taste much better. I don't know if it was the fact that being in the fridge hardened it or that it wasn't as fizzy, but I liked them. I had it for like one more day before it was all gone.

I think it was worth the money for the unusual experience, I definitely suggest buying this to try just once. Also if you feel it's a lot to pay then you can always get the smaller bags found near the register for something like a dollar (which i found out after i bought it lol) :D

Monday, August 30, 2010

How to create a fixed image background

Okay after tons of looking around and tons of messing around I found out a way that works for me to make my own background images for the new template designer. I'm a mega n00b when it comes to coding so if you have a problem I will more than likely not know what on earth to do. Best of luck! C:

First you need to have a picture you want to use for the background, for mine I made a rising sun sort of pattern in pink. 
The size varies since each computer screen is different, I made my background a little bigger than my computer screen which is: 2000x959

After you have your picture made and ready to go you will need to upload it on the net so we can get a direct link for the coding. I normally use ImageShack but you can use Photobucket or any other image hosting site.

All you need to do to upload pictures on ImageShack is click on the browse button choose the picture you want and press the Upload Now button.

Then it will take you to a confirmation page once it has successfully uploaded it. Now you need the Direct link for the coding part, so copy it and save it somewhere. It doesn't matter where just as long as you can copy and paste it later on.

Now keep in mind that if you have simple blue set as your template your picture will look kind of off, so play around with the templates and pick one that will go best with your background.

For mine I'm using Pictured Window (each template comes with several different patterns I chose the last pattern) Now that we have the template we want we are going to put in the code that will let us have a custom image background.

Step 1. Go to the Advanced tab
Step 2. Scroll down and go under the Add CSS tab
Step 3. In the text box copy and paste the code located below "Step 4"
Step 4. Copy the direct link  then select "insert direct link here" right click and select paste

.body-fauxcolumn-outer {
background:url(insert direct link here) no-repeat;
background-attachment: fixed

After you do this the display below should show what it will look like. If it doesn't I noticed pressing the space bar underneath the pasted code and deleting the spaces makes it work. I have no idea why lol @w@

Hopefully this worked for you, if you need any help feel free to ask. I'll try to help the best I can but keep in mind I have no idea about coding so I might not have an answer ^-^'

Monday, August 16, 2010

Art Update + Buttons Update

lol sorry for the lack of updates, been busy making buttons for Ooples and working at my less than part time job. I'm still working on my manga but the progress is a lot slower than intended due to my super procrastinating ^^' Although! I do have pictures of my buttons and signs for the Ooples! XD

Here are some pictures of the signs I've drawn and designed XD
I even put a energy circle around the chibi for an energizing state! XD

And here are some pictures on the rough draft of my first page for the manga:

Till next time, sayonara!~ XD