Monday, July 5, 2010

Manga Progress + Wallet purchase

Yay!!! Well I'm super excited but first I want to say sorry for not blogging for 3 days due to the fact I was at work buuuuuuut after I got home and slept for over 12 hours I finished the manga cover to my new manga Fukachi Shima. Awesome right? Well I think it's super awesome! 
But now to the great news, I was feeling like a new wallet so I can bring money with me when I go out. After a few clicks on ebay I won a bid on a cute miku wallet! It should be shipped in two days and I should revive it within thirteen to seventeen days! Seems like a long time but I'm super busy with my manga and a few prizes + art trades the time should go by in no time XD

When I do get it I'll take so many pictures it won't be able to fit on the blog! I'll also make a video of me unwrapping it XD

It's warm here so I'm gonna go eat some juicy watermelon! mmmmmmmm...

Till next time, sayonara!~

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