Saturday, July 31, 2010

Awesome candy loot!

Okay for the past 2 years I've been going to Tim's market for all my Asian goods and they were great but lately they have been....AWESOME! XD They have tonsss and I mean tons of new ramune flavors! They have Hawaiian blue, blueberry, mango, yuzu, orange, original, lychee and tons more! Visit their yelp page for directions. If you live in San Antonio and have not gone to this shop then you must go now, for your life will change epically! XD
I was so lucky too! I was walking inside like usually towards the frozen section when i spotted this awesome RAIDEN HAT!!!!! Okay if you don't know Raiden from Mortal Kombat I can no longer be friends with you lol just kidding XD I've wanted one of these ever since I was ten so $2.99 for an awesome hat was a great price! I bought it in an instant well of course after the permission of my parents lol 
Awesome right? Nuff' said lol XD
Then I bought some ramune drinks which are awesome!
Then I got for $2.59 Hello kitty's 36 anniversary candy! Which came with an awesome sticker!
Okay remember how I said I would do a post on Ooples lol well I kinda forgot, so this is just a filler until I go there and take some awesome pics! XD

Till then, sayonara!~ XD

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