About n00b


Name: Alexandria Y.
aka: tobi2moodring

#Likes: anime, japan, hello kitty, bento, pinback buttons, candy, sleep, talking, drawing & taking pictures
#Dislikes: school, onions, meanies, thieves, most veggies

I've been drawing anime for over 3 years since my obsession with naruto. I've phased out of watching naruto but i still love to buy their merchandise. I'm an Anime Artist. Ppl call me crazy, I call my self crazy but most of all I'm a n00b which everyone can agree on. I like to use words like: awesome, crazy, srsly, lol, np, ty, o-rly? & mad skillz

I have an account on deviantArt which i love and would die without it. I have an account to almost every internet thingy, when i say this it's not true it's just an over exaggeration lol

I also have a job at a place I will not mention to add mystery to it, lol not that you would rly care lol
My job also funds my fun business of making charms and buttons, my shop is called TobisMiniBoutique
I started this blog to talk to the world about how n00bie i am and what i do in my everyday n00b life, lol

I even made my own mascot for the blog, she is the one on the background of the blog. Her name is Celeste and she enjoys laying about and eating snacks! XD

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