Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Candy Craze

Well I just wanted to make a post that I just bought six bags of spongebob squarepants candy they are just that goooooooood! XD I even made a video of me opening it! Awesome right? XD I also took some pictures just in case the video wasn't any good XD
Here is a picture of the back and a patty in it's wonderful packing! XD I took some pics of it without the wrapper but it was out of focus so I deleted them XD
Oh and when we were driving back home from the post office that song about a guy wanting to be a billionaire so freaking bad played exactly when we were on Richland Hills, coincidence I THINK NOT! lol

Now I have to get to work on an other dress up game, sayonara!~


  1. They look soo smexxyyy!!! whats the name of the song?? xDDD!!! so delicious, i'm jealous ¬¬


  2. lol you're so funny! XD

    I think it's called: Billionaire Lyrics - Travie McCoy Feat, Bruno Mars