Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Frozen messup + New pages

In my last post I told you I was making strawberry sorbet and I was gonna get you pics in my next post welllllllll being a n00b it didn't set completely so it'll have to be next post....well i've added a few new pages on my blog like the how to section i'll have links to video and picture tutorials there. I also have the downloads section that part of my blog will have pictures of my food and wallpapers that i have created for free so ppl can have nice desktops lol jk XD

I'm mega obsessed with the anime durarara!!! it's so epic and awesome XD I rly want to draw fanart but I want to get permission first and I have no idea who to contact for that *sigh* another bad thing is it's so hard to find official merchandise to buy!!! yes I have mega spending problems (@w@)

Here lemme put in a picture of my latest work

It's a screenshot of the dress up game I'm working on. I might change the dark bg it's blending in with her hair (TTwTT) I've never draw lolita that much so i'm having troubles with the clothes XD


  1. I want to play it TT^TT

    i'm my-plush from deviantART!!!

  2. oh it's done you can play it here:

    hope you like it!~ :D

    Thank you for your comment!~ XD